Tabbar Web Series Review, Cast, Release Date, and other details

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Tabbar Web Series Review: Tabbar means “family” in Panjabi, the web series represents what it refers with its name. The story is about a Former Police officer who can go to any extent to save his family, literally at any cost.

I want to warn you if you are sensitive to thriller scenes on your screens, you definitely should not watch this web series as it contains many explicit scenes which may be inappropriate for you and may scare you.

The last thing first, the show is amazing and you should watch the show, but I’ll explain why I am saying this.

Before you get to the review of the show, I want to know a bit about the story of the Tabbar Web Series. Let’s get a glimpse of the story it presents.

Tabbar Web series Stroyline

There is a couple in between a very dense forest, a dead body in the front of their car. The head of the dead body is covered with a cloth, but the feet are visible to the couple.

The couple is staring at the dead body but has no clue what exactly they should do with it. They were very scared and sweating.

Onkar Singh, a retired Police officer is currently running a small shop to feed his family and Sargun Kaur, the wife of Onkar is kitchen champion, having magic in her hand that cooks most delicious food in the city. The elder son, Happy is preparing for IPS in Delhi.

They all love each other as a family, having so many secrets hidden in every corner of the house. There are secret behind the retirement of Onkar Singh that will be revealed at the end of the show.

Happy is happily preparing for the IPS exam but hiding the secret of his love affair with his neighbour.

The younger son wants to be a YouTuber and Singer, putting so much time and effort to get at least some result which can be his ticket to pursue the passion further.

There life was going all well until the brother of the most powerful person of the city got murdered. When he saw the dead body of his younger brother, he took the oath to punish the accuse, no matter whoever he will be.

Tabbar Web Series Review

Edited by Parikshhit Jha, each taut episode of ‘Tabbar’ is about 35-45 minutes long. The dramatic plot swings from one extreme to the other while maintaining equilibrium. The writing, on the other hand, is unconvincing at times, especially when the entire family is working to keep their secrets hidden.

A slow-burning ethical and emotional squabble erupts as the clamps on central characters—Omkar and his wife—tighten. Even when Omkar’s grand plan goes awry, causing logistical issues, the performances remain consistent and the characters continue to engage the viewers.

The tempo slows down in the first few episodes, and it takes too long to establish the premise. The second half, on the other hand, is intense and engaging, with the climax serving only as a capstone.

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