The Clubhouse Prophesy Thriller Web Series Review

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The Clubhouse Prophesy: Imagine you are listening to the clubhouse conversation where everyone was sharing their stories about strange things that happened in their life and the exact same incident starts projecting in your life in real-time.

Abhijith M Nair, Assistant Director, has plotted the same story in his latest thriller web series, The Clubhouse Prophesy. In this series, there is a clubhouse Chatroom of almost 2000 members, sharing the scary things that happened in their life.

The stories are thrilling and scary but the most interesting is, the story is repeating itself in the life of the listeners at real time.

Sandhya, one of the clubhouse members, narrates a story about her journey on an isolated road that she took as a shortcut to her home. On the way to her house, she encountered some horrifying events which made her thrilled.

The Clubhouse Prophesy is directed by Abhijith M Nair and Produced by Jithu Ajith.

The first episode of The Clubhouse Prophesy is named The Ripper who killed 3 people including the one who gave him a lift in his car. The story had very few differences but it was scarier than the story shared on the Clubhouse Chatroom.

The first episode of the series, The Ripper was released on the YouTube channel Celluloid Screen and got more than 16,000 Views to date. You can watch it on YouTube for free without subscribing to any platform or installing any other application.

The background music in the series makes it more dramatic and interesting to watch and experience the thrill. At the end of the first episode, you can see that the second story of the Clubhouse Chatroom is also replicating itself at the house of the host of that Chatroom.

This series should be appreciated because they have put so much effort into creating new and exciting concepts. And also, for this reason, it is available for free to us to watch on our favorite and probably the most used app, YouTube.

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