The Family Man Season 2 Ending Explained: What Will Go Down In Season 3?

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The Family Man Season 2 Ending: Amazon Prime The Family Man Season 3 will see Manoj Vajpayee fighting against Chinese troops.

The Family Man Season 2 just came out 2 days ago and people are already thinking about the third season.

Well, if we think about the ending ever for once, you can see from where all this hype is coming from.

The final shot of the series showed us Srikant and Suchi standing in the kitchen thinking about their future. Where Suchi will finally tell Srikant the truth she has been hiding for so long.

And after that, we saw a post-credit scene where we can see the world is struggling with the coronavirus pandemic and we cut to a person in Nagaland.

The person is chatting on a heavily encrypted laptop and saying that the country is distracted and they are ready to go with operation “Guan Yu”.

Srikant and Suchi’s Marriage is over?

We don’t know what Suchi has told Srikant yet. But it is most definitely about her and Aravind.

Now, how would Srikant react to that truth, it will be something to look out for and it will define their relationship in the future?

Because after attending countless counseling sessions, Suchi was still hiding this truth from Srikant.

It is a very big deal and Srikant will be hurt by it.

It will be a major subplot in the upcoming season. Their relationship status will define how Srikant’s family will go on ahead and it might even affect his work.

What will The Family Man Season 3 will be about?

I just want to show my respect to the creators that they are continuously picking these controversial and brave topics.

As I mentioned earlier in The Family Man Season 2 Review, other creators will stay away from controversial topics like these.

The topic of LTTE in season 2 was really controversial considering our socio-political and political state of the country.

But the creators went ahead and picked that anyway. Now, they are returning with yet another controversial topic.

This time Srikant will fight against the Chinese troops on the North-East border of India.

As it was made clear by the post-credit scene in the series the third season will take place during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many fans thought that in the third season Srikant will somehow fight against the virus itself.

But that is definitely not the case.

As you could have seen in the post-credit scene of the show, the person with the laptop indicated that the virus has been used as a distraction.

And they have planted “phoenixes” all over Nagaland. Something massive will again happen in Season 3.

We don’t know quite yet what will happen. But considering how the show has been going for the past two seasons, it will definitely endanger all of North-Eastern India.

The first season was set up in Mumbai, Delhi, and Kashmir. The second season showed us some more exotic locations like Chennai, London, Mumbai, and Delhi. And now the third season will be majorly shot in the North Eastern belt of India. Mainly states like Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland.

Series In Covid Times

Apart from picking controversial topics, I think that setting the third season in Coronavirus time is another great decision.

It will be something new that we haven’t seen on the television set. And I am not talking about the Indian series only.

I don’t think any series in the world has shown their characters to be in Coronavirus time. It will be the first.

So, it means that we will see Srikant, JK, and all the other characters in the mask only. Don’t tell me that doesn’t sound interesting to you.

The Family Man Season 3: What To Expect?

The Family Man Season 2 Ending: Both of the seasons of the show have been amazing. So, the expectations from the third season will be high.

The only problem I had with the second season was the length of the show. So, if they can make Season 3 less extended, it will be amazing.

The third season might be the final season of the series. If that is the case, we will see the conclusion of all the drama left in the second season.

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