The Married Woman Review: A tale of Monologues and Self Discovery

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The Married Woman Review: This show could have been so good. I will not be lying when I say that I was looking forward to The Married Woman. When I saw the trailer for the first time, it was one of the best things I could have asked for. It has a certain amount of charm and much-needed flavor in it.

Another thing that got my attention was the collaboration between Alt Balaji and Zee5 that came together to make this show. Alt Balaji doesn’t have a history of producing good shows as we all know, but Zee5 has been on a tear recently. With shows like Sunflower and so much more.

So, I was expecting high things from ‘The Married Woman’ as well. And it met my expectations in certain areas. But the slow pace and unnecessary monologues let this series down.

The Married Woman Review

The Married Woman Plot

Web series NameThe Married Woman
Lead CastRidhi Dogra
Monica Dogra
Suhaas Ahuja
Rahul Vohra
Ayesha Raza Mishra
Directed BySahir Raza
Produced byJuggernaut Productions
Written ByManju Kapur
Release DateMar 8, 2021
Streaming onALT Balaji

The official synopsis of the show reads “A wife, a mom, a teacher, a homemaker, she’s played all the roles, but what about being true to herself? Being Astha? Be a part of Astha’s journey as she breaks boundaries, set by society, to find herself”.

The show is set in the 90s and is about a woman name Aastha. She is a perfect wife, a brilliant mother, and an amazing daughter-in-law. But amidst all of her duties, she has forgotten to think about her. She is so busy fulfilling all of her duties that she doesn’t have time for herself.

But all of this changes when she met an unconventional artist, Peeplika. With Peeplika, she starts a journey of self-discovery breaking all societal norms. It will not be easy and Aastha’s journey will be filled with obstacles.

The Married Woman: Positives


The Married Woman Review: The cast is just amazing. I will guarantee you that you will enjoy almost every single performance in this series. Especially the performances of Riddhi Dogra and Monica Dogra. You can see the pain and suffering of Aastha just by looking into her eyes.

You can see that her eyes are screaming while she is trying to maintain a calm face for the outside world. She wants to be free, she wants to be alone and all of those emotions are visible on her face. And Monica also did an amazing job here.

The sweetness and rigidness in her character are just brilliant. If only the script gave them the freedom they needed, they could have completely set the stage on fire. And even though this show is filled with long dialogues, Ayesha Raza as Babbo left an impact with only limited dialogues and screen time.


I think that this series doesn’t have any bad songs. All four songs are just beautiful. Bematlab has already become a fan favorite and has won millions of hearts. Na Laage Jiya perfectly describes the kind of show it is.

It depicts Aastha so well and amazing thing is that every single word here is relatable. Khwabon Ka Ashiyana is just the sweetest song you need in your life. Perfect for cheering up your mood.

And finally, Dil ki Shaakh completely depicts the heartbreak and joyous moments leading to that heartbreak. It’s just all so beautiful and treats to your ears. And all the songs are placed perfectly in the series. Even if you don’t want to watch the series, just listen to this album.


The Married Woman Review: Yeah, I know I said that there are lots of monologues here. Even after that, the dialogues of this show are just brilliant. One dialogue says “JAB TAK AAP BOUNDARIES CROSS NI KAROGE TO APKO PATA KAISE CHALEGA KI BOUNDARIES HAI KAHAN“. And it just hits all the right spots at the same time.


I loved the story and it is brilliant. It is as simple as it can get and the way they threw societal norms at us was beautiful. They were able to make us invested in the show. Even after all the pacing issues. You will love the story and after 2-3 episodes you will really start to root for Aastha. And that is the main point of the show.

The Married Woman: Negatives


I like monologues very much and I believe that a good monologue at the right time leaves a long-lasting impact on the audience. You can see certain examples like Pink and Thappad. There were only two monologues in both movies, but the timing was impeccable. But The Married Woman is filled with monologues. There are too many to keep count of. And it also ties into the second problem of being slow.


Now, this show is slow for sure. But, I think the main issue was how they filmed it. Obviously, monologues were one reason, but the unnecessary expansion of a scene to make it dramatic really backfired. The whole show is already dramatic and emotional and people are invested in it right from the start. There was absolutely no need to make it overdramatic.

How To Watch The Married Woman?

You can watch The Married Woman on both Zee5 and AltBalaji. Just take the subscription that you think suits your budget and enjoy the show. The Married Woman is only 10 episodes long, so I can say that it is the perfect weekend binge material.

The Married Woman: Is It Worth It?

The Married Woman Review: I think, YES! I will be lying if I say that I didn’t enjoy the show. Yes, I had problems with certain things and if avoided, this show could have been so much better. But it is still a gem and the reaction of fans is enough to state that. The demand for the second season is high and it looks like we will be getting it soon. I will once again sit on my sofa and will watch the second season for sure.

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