Top 20 Shows To Watch In 2021 On Netflix, TVF Play, and other OTT platforms

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Top 20 Shows To Watch In 2021: Half of 2021 is over. And we thought it would be the right time to look back and see the best shows we got this year. And trust me, this series was harder to make than I thought.

There are so many good shows released in 2021 and I am glad that I have watched every show on the list. Because almost every show on the list is an absolute ride.

So, without further ado, let’s get on with it. As there are the Top 20 Shows To Watch In 2021.

Top 20 Shows To Watch In 2021

Here is the list of all the Top 20 Shows To Watch In 2021. You can watch some of it on Netflix, Zee5, TVF Play, and other OTTs:

Top 20 Shows To Watch In 2021- Cat-watching-shows

20. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Available On – Netflix

The Chilling Adventure of Sabrina is always a fun show to watch. And the finale is no different. It just gets more bizarre than ever. This show might be my personal favorite modern horror show. It is based on the famous comic book series ‘Sabrina the Teenage Witch’.

You can watch this show if you have nothing to watch this weekend, this can be your perfect getaway. This show is good enough to entertain you and won’t require that much of your attention.’

The first arc of the show is a case of hit and miss, but the second arc is as spooky as you want it to be. The sudden tone shift is amazing, deathly, and beautiful. Overall, it is a fun show to watch from top to bottom.

19. Cobra Kai

Available On – Netflix and Youtube Red

I am putting it here because the fourth season is just around the corner. After an amazing two seasons, the third season was released earlier this year. And it didn’t disappoint. The show lost its way a little bit last season but was able to find its footing again this season.

The flashbacks from the original movies were an amazing touch of nostalgia. Season three took some major decisions, like making Johnny and Daniel allies that were needed for the sake of plot progression

The season ended at the perfect time with every fan demanding more and more. Now we are just waiting for the fourth and possibly the last season of the show. And with just 10 episodes this is the perfect weekend binge material. 

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18. History of Swear Words

Available On – Netflix

It is such an unorthodox series but at the same time is quite amazing. It stars Nicolas Cage, who is the absolute best, by the way, telling us the cultural and historical impact of some of the most famous curse words in the English language

Do you know what is the best thing about this show? It’s that it features Nicolas Cage cursing for six episodes straight and it is pure magic. In my opinion, they should have cut down all the comedians and should have focused on history and Nicolas Cage.

Just watch this show with a free mind and you will enjoy every single bit of this show.

17. College Romance

Available On – Netflix

Yes, The second season wasn’t that good but it was still better than all the other sequels we usually get. The first season was loved and adored by everyone. Bagga stole the heart of everyone.

And as I said, the second season was a hit and miss. They could have made it so much better than it actually was. But in the end, it is still a very good watch and you should watch it.


Available On – Netflix

I had to involve this show here no matter what. I still think that the makers should have ended on the third season only. But now that the fourth season is out, give it a watch.

Because even though the show had no major sub-plots, which are the strength of ELITE. The main storyline is really strong and will keep you interested. So watch it if you want to and you will enjoy it even after all the things.

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15. Pacific Rim: The Black

Available On – Netflix

It features the story of two brothers, Taylor and Hayley. After the takeover of Australia by Kaiju, both of them will go on a journey to find their parents. They will find a Jaegar in the way that they will use to fight any Kaiju in their way.

The show starts slow, but by the end, I was completely blown away. The thing I was most skeptical about was the animation and how wrong was I. Even after the 3D animation style, it felt really good.

It gave something of Authentic and exclusive vibes. The main reason it worked so well was that it was similar to the first movie. The world-building was more precise and detailed and it helped us to care about the characters.

14. Maharani

Available On – Sony LIV

I think it was the sleeper hit of 2021. No one expected this show to be this good, but it was. I think the only reason this didn’t work better was because of the movie ” Madam Chief Minister”.

But it didn’t take that much away from this show. Huma Quereshi carried the show on her can and gave one of the best performances of her career. I think you should watch this show at least once for her.

13. Taandav

Available On – Amazon Prime Videos

I had such high expectations from this show. You can say that it is one of the disappointments of the year. But that doesn’t mean it was bad. It could have been so much better than it actually was.

The controversial topics that were taken by the makers deliberately got the fans talking. If you are curious this will be a decent one-time watch. And the cast really did an amazing job.

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12. Shadow And Bone

Available On – Netflix

It was a half-decent show that you can watch. But just like the previous entry, it could have been so much better than it actually was. I am not that big fan of magic stuff, but if done right, I enjoy it.

Shadow and Bone were able to do that in some scenes but failed to replicate that in so many scenes. If it could have maintained the quality of the first few episodes, it would have been so much better.

11. Criminal Justice

Available On – Hotstar

Yes, I know the second season was released in 2020. But, it was only 6 days before 2021. And that is the only reason this show isn’t in the top 10. The second season of Criminal Justice was also really good.

It wasn’t as good as the first season, but it is still a brilliant watch. And the fact that it handles such a sensitive matter so responsibly is such a beauty. I might go and watch it again because it is good.

10. Jupiter’s Legacy

Available On – Netflix

I am a superhero nerd. And that is why this show is rated such highly. Honestly, I thought I was getting something similar to The Boys or “The Invincibles”. But it was nothing like that.

It was nerfed up but still told a pretty decent story. I hope they kick it up a notch in the second season because the show needs it. If you want to watch a different Superhero show, Jupiter’s Legacy is a good watch.

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9. 1962: The War in the Hills

Available On – Hotstar

Abhay Deol is such an underrated artist. He is so good and we don’t realize that. I hope that this show changed the perspective of lots of people. It was such a good show.

Yes, they dramatize it a bit much. And half of the show featured a love story rather than the war. But the other half was so good and exactly what you want from an army-oriented show.

8. Lupin

Available On – Netflix

Netflix Lupin Part 1 was pacy and never stopping. Whereas the second part is a slow burner and shifts its focus on the story rather than the action. And I found it surprising but a good chance.

The location they chose for the shooting of this show is just amazing. The show becomes 100 times better just by the location. The cast is really strong and everyone does commendable jobs.

7. Aspirants

Available On – Youtube

It was such a brilliant series and fans loved it completely. They were hooked onto the series from the moment it was released. It had a similar concept to Kota Factory, but I think I liked this one better.

The only annoying thing was the constant advertisements we had in the show. If they could have toned it down, it could have been so much better than it actually was.

Nonetheless, it was still an amazing series and you should watch it.

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Available On – Netflix

Personally, I absolutely loved the show and I am eagerly waiting for the third season. And now I have high hopes for the presumably final season. Ragnarok Season 2 Netflix Review is the perfect show to binge this evening and all of you should watch it. 

It won’t be wrong to say that it is one of the most beautiful-looking shows of 2021. The pacing of the show was brilliant. And being only six episodes long is the proof of that. The only downside was the overdoing of “the small city with big secrets” trope here.

5. Sweet Tooth

Available On – Netflix

The Netflix Sweet Tooth series will keep you engaged right from the start to the very end. You might think that is a drama show that will be slow. But that is not the case. Netflix Sweet Tooth Review has a perfect pace right from the start to the very end.

Yeah, I wish that the series was a little bit darker. Because that is what I want in my series. But, the creators decided to go on the opposite path and make Netflix Sweeth Tooth as much as possible, and I think that they succeeded in that.

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4. Gullak

Available On – Sony LIV

Gullak is a masterpiece and I won’t let anyone say otherwise. I cried my eyes out in the final scene of the second season. The second season might not have been as good as the first season, but it was still so good.

It was emotional, funny, sad, and more importantly, it was over so quick that you will obviously demand more. I am eagerly waiting for the third season just like everyone else.

3. Murder Among The Mormons

Available On – Netflix

It is a docuseries and it is the absolute best. It is the show of the year contender for sure.  The third part of Murder Among the Mormons is every bit of crazy, shocking, gore, nerve-wracking, and bizarre that you would have expected it to be.

If you love a crime series this is for you. Because it is not just a mere crime series, it is soaked in cultural bindings that will shake you from inside while leaving you demanding more and more.

 It is one of the rare examples of a documentary done absolutely right.

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2. The Family Man

Available On – Amazon Prime Videos

Manoj Vajpayee is such a gem. And he can make anything 100 times better than it actually is. And when the thing is already so good, obviously it will be a blast to watch it.

Just like the first season, the second season of The Family Man was also brilliant. Other than minor pacing issues here and there it was such a brilliant watch.

The thrill, the drama, the emotion, everything was on point. I will suggest you watch it if you haven’t watched it yet.

1. Loki (Best Shows To Watch In 2021)

Available On – Hotstar

Loki is the best show of the year and there isn’t even a doubt about that. I thought that DC was better at making TV shows, but Loki swoop the floor and came out on top.

After an underwhelming “Wanda and Vision”, and decent “Falcon and The Winter Soldier”. Loki was MCU’s answer to all the critics. It not only revived every MCU phase 4 series but also got everyone excited for future projects.

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Wrapping it up! Top 20 Shows To Watch In 2021

Top 20 Shows To Watch In 2021: So, these were our picks for the Top 20 Shows To Watch In 2021. As you can see Netflix dominated 2021 with their shows. Indian shows again turned out to be really good.

It shows that India has the capability to make world-class web series if they focus on that. It looks bright for the Indian web series if they continue to produce masterpieces like these.

Overall, even though there has been a pandemic, it has been a great year for the web series. And it will only get better from here with so many big names releasing sooner than later. Know of any other show that we might have missed? Let us know down below.

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