Top 7 Trending Netflix Web Series to watch this week

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Trending Netflix Web Series: It’ll be very unfair if I introduce Netflix to you. Because Netflix is already known to almost everyone for its finest web series and movies. They produce such a decent show, no one can hate or deny it.

I don’t know how much you enjoy Netflix shows but I do LOVE it.

I’m a crazy Web series addict and you can say it’s because of Netflix. I just cant back on Netflix shows and you better know the reason.

So today, I’ll be listing all the Trending Netflix Web Series that I think you should watch this week. I tried to make it easy for you to make a decision and at the same time, you must have choices to choose in between so I listed only 7 Netflix web series which is Trending now!

I’ll keep this list of Trending Netflix web series very straight with just a few lines of description or probably the reason of being it on the list of Trending show on Netflix. Let’s get into it.

Note: I believe you have already watched the Latest Season of Money Heist (Season 5, Volume 1) so I havn’t listed it here. After all who want to miss that Web Series. Right? 😍 If you haven’t watched it yet, you should not move to the list and watch Money Heist before watching other shows. 😉

Best & Trending Netflix web series you should watch this week

  1. Lucifer
  2. Sex/Life
  3. Stranger things
  4. Sex Education
  5. Never Have I Ever
  6. Friends
  7. Elite

1. Lucifer

Lucifer is on the top of the list of Trending Netflix web series. And I’m not surprised because this series is worth being on the top.

I don’t want to spoil here everything so I won’t share the story but there is an Angel fallen to earth to experience the materialistic life. Ok, let’s not call him an Angel. Instead, you decide yourself whether he’s a Devil or an Angel.

Lucifer has 5 seasons and 83 episodes in total. And 6th Season is on its way to your screen and will arrive on Friday, 10th Sep 2021.

You can’t watch all these seasons all together so binge-watch the 1st season, have patience (if you could), and watch another season the next weekend.

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2. Sex/Life

Life was going smoothly and almost perfectly then a Hot and dashing guy came into her life and now she is totally stuck choosing between her husband and the second guy. Ok enough telling the story of the 2nd Trending Netflix web series and I’m not gonna reveal anything. You should find out yourself who will she choose to be with.

Sex/Life can be your perfect binge-watch as it has only 1 season with 8 episodes 40 to 55 min each. Check that out, Lovely.

3. Stranger things

Hmm… something very different in the list of top Trending Netflix series that is a bit scary, ominous, and exciting too.

Teen casts were enjoying their life very well and grew up exploring different aspects of life but something changed. Changed so quickly that it was hard to even notice but after this quick change, nothing was like before. The change was scary. Watch the complete series to find out that change.

People are loving this web series with 3 seasons, 8-9 episodes each and its 4th season is coming in 2022. Stranger Things is on the list for a reason so go and watch it.

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4. Sex Education

Probably you have already heard about the 4th Netflix Trending Show, Sex Education. This series revolves around the education and understanding of the self-body parts and preferences. You will be exploring yourself while watching it.

While everyone is confused even about their sexual orientation, there is someone who has mastered all these kinds of stuff, thanks to his sex therapist mom.

Season 3 of Sex Education is set to release on 17th September but by then you can watch the previous 2 seasons with 16 episodes in total.

5. Never Have I Ever

You must have been unsecured about your social status and your teenage at some point in time. And if you have done something which seems to be wrong, you want to make it clean as well. So this Trending series is all about the Rollercoaster of life.

Sometimes it feels so great to live and just another moment, if falls apart sometimes. You should see how this Indian-American teen played with all these traumatic situations. It’s fun and quirky.

Season 2 is coming anytime soon but till then you can enjoy watching 1st season of 10 episodes and about half an hour each.

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6. Friends

Well, we are talking about the top Trending Netflix web series and I can’t DARE to miss this web series. I feel like I should not say a single word and just want you to go and binge-watch this web series.

It’s about 6 school friends who just started exploring their lives, having fun, and enjoying life with each other. Let me confess that there is much more than just enjoying their life, but that’s for you to know what it is. Head over to Friends and watch complete web series with 10 seasons and 24-25 episodes each.

Watch it with your closest friends which will increase the fun out of it.

7. Elite

I’ll leave you here with Elite, one of the 7 Trending Netflix web series these days.

Let me tell you that I believe, Elite should have been somewhere up on the list maybe in the top 3 of them. This web series is about the clashes between Middle-class students and rich students in the school which leads to a Murder.

School let these 3 middle-class students into the school to repair its image but in return, it costs them a bit higher than expected. Trust me on this, Elite is one of the best web series you can watch. So here is the chance for you to watch 4 seasons, 8 episodes each of Elite.

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Our Honorable Mentions

Confession and Conlusion

Look, guys, I understand I may have missed your favorite show on the list and I’m sorry for that. But that’s because there are so many great web series that would have made their place in this list and it’s very tough to list them all and it’s even tougher to figure out which one should be kept in the list of Top Netflix web series.

But I hope this list of Trending Netflix web series has helped a few bit to decide for your weekend. You can do us and our readers a favor by leaving a comment below with your favorite Netflix show that you think others should watch as well.

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