Ullu Online Review: A New Type Of Show From Ullu

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Ullu Online web series Review: It looks like Ullu is trying its hands on something new. Rather than focusing on proper adult-type shows, they are making rather friendly shows that do not involve that many explicit scenes.

And it’s not like that there are no explicit scenes. There are, but all of them are limited. I don’t know if it was because of the recent censorship law or something, but it definitely is working.

Don’t get me wrong, the Ullu Online series is still bold and doesn’t miss a single chance to crack a double-meaning joke. Yeah, half of those jokes didn’t work, but it shows that the idea is still there.

Now, let’s get into the review and tell you what we thought about Ullu Online. So, let’s get on with it!

Ullu Online Review, Plot, Cast, and Other Details!!

Online Ullu Review: Plot/storyline

The story revolves around a boy(Chetan) whose father owns an undergarment shop. He got influenced by the relationship of his friend and his wife. And he decides to start his own business.

He decides to go to China and start his own business. Part 1 ends with Chetan returning to India and starts his own business while keeping the undergarment shop as a cover.

Before releasing part 2, the makers shared a note saying “Chhoti si dukaan par khwaab bune hazaar, Khulega online store badhaane ko karobaar”. 

Part 2 starts right after the end of the first part. On one hand, Chetan is trying to set up his business and reach new heights. His friend finally accepts his wife’s wishes and will do anything to keep her happy.

But what will happen when Chetan’s real business will be revealed in front of everyone? Will his father forgive him? What about his relationship which was already on the last breath? You have to see it to find it all out.

As you can see for yourselves, the plot of Online is not that smart. In fact, it is so dumb in a good way. From the first scene to the last it tells you to just watch it for fun and never take it seriously.

And if you do that you might be able to enjoy it. It is one of the few Ullu shows where we get more stories than adult scenes. And I think, if nothing else, the makers should be appreciated that at least they tried.

Ullu Online Review: Cast

Ullu Online web series Cast

The cast for Part 1 is:

Online web series Cast: All the major cast members returned for the second part of the series with the same role. Shivam Agarwal returned as Chetan. Priya Sharma, Vivek Sharma, Aliya Naaz, and Guru Saran Tiwari also returned in part 2 to reprise their roles.

Every cast member did what was asked of them. They had to play role in a nonsensical comedy show and they did exactly that. I think the performances were decent by every cast member.

Vivek Sharma was able to make us laugh quite a few times with his comic timing. And other than him, all the other artists also did a decent job to maintain their characters.

The series is directed by Raavii K and he also was able to do a decent job. It was nothing groundbreaking but the job he had to do was well done.

Ullu Online web series Release Date

The first part was released on July 31, 2021. And just a week after that part 2 was released on Augus6 6, 2021. We don’t have any information regarding the third part of the series.

As no one has announced it yet. The second part was announced right after the first part and was released in one week only. So, if we get the third part, we won’t have to wait for that much.

How To Watch Ullu Online web series?

Ullu is constantly becoming the most streamed OTT platform in India. And every new episode somehow breaks the record of previous ones. Now, you might be thinking about how to watch this series.

You can watch Ullu Online very easily. Ullu actually is one the cheapest OTT platform in India right now. And getting its subscription is pretty easy. We will tell you how to do that in simple steps.

  • Download the Ullu app from the play store.
  • Sign up with your email id.To stream a web series you have to purchase a premium plan from the app.
  • Ullu gives you weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly plans.
  • So choose any of the plans you like.And you are done.
  • Enjoy ULLU Online web series.

As I said earlier, Ullu is one of the cheapest OTT platforms in India right now. You can say that it is the cheapest place to watch short stories, movies, and web series. But you can also watch the Ullu web series for free.

Half of the series on the platform are adult web series. So, keep that in mind while watching it. But, it’s not like that is the only thing that Ullu produces. After the updated censorship law, Ullu has brought a new feature to the app.

They have brought a family-friendly mode. If you turn on that mode, it hides all the adult web series and will present you with the web series that you can watch with your family.

And even though Ullu Online doesn’t go into complete family-friendly series, it is still a change from constant adult scenes that we used to get in the Ullu series.

Ullu Online: Is It Worth It?

I won’t tell you if it is worth it or not. Because if you are watching this series you already know what you are getting into. You already know what to expect and what you will get.

But if you are someone new that doesn’t watch Ullu web series quite that often. You can also watch it, as it is not that bad. It is not that great either but it is a decent web series.

Half of the jokes didn’t connect with me, but the jokes that connected were really good. It made me laugh in some moments and some were really lame, to be honest.

If you want to watch something to pass the time you can watch Ullu Online. As with only 8 episodes combined in both parts, you can only start and finish it on the same day.

And as I have already said, it is just a dumb show which you can’t take seriously. That was the motive of the makers and you have to watch it just like that. If you take it seriously, you will be very disappointed.

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