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ULLU Web Series List 2021 | ULLU Original: ULLU web series is one of the most liked shows among the Indian audience. ULLU is famous for its erotic and Regional Content. ULLU is very much familiar with their audience and their taste. ULLU creates regional content and understands the demand of its audience.

ULLU generally creates hot and romantic adult web series with loads of nudity and romance. Indian audience loves this OTT just because of the content it features. Moreover, they create content in regional language that feels very close to the Audience and they connect with the series.

They have created various Adult and romantic web shows which have created a great attachment with the audience every time. The audience loves the shows they create and this is the reason why the ULLU Original web series becomes famous without any fancy level of advertisement.

What is ULLU original Web series List 2021?

ULLU Web Series List 2021 | ULLU Original: ULLU web series is the Show created by one of the most popular OTT platforms in India. ULLU Original web series Generally focus on the Adult audience which loves the shows with erotic and loads of romance. ULLU creates web series in regional languages and tries to connect with the audience.

Undoubtedly, you will see that people are loving the shows on Ullu original platform but not every show is worth watching and spending your time on.

That’s why I have sorted the list of all the ULLU Original web series lists. Here are the best shows you can watch on ULLU.

Please bear in mind that the numbering I have mentioned here doesn’t represent any ranking or priority among the shows. Enjoy these shows one by one and thank me later.

ULLU Original Web series List 2021:

ULLU original Web Series List 2021:

  1. Riti Riwaz
  2. The Producer
  3. Wanna have a Good time
  4. Madhosh Diaries
  5. Kavita Bhabhi
  6. Khul ja sim sim
  7. Woodpecker
  8. Blue Lies
  9. The Housewife Season 2
  10. Charmsukh
  11. Gandi Baat
  12. The Bull of Dalal Street
  13. Tadap
  14. The Last Show
  15. Melting Cheese
  16. Auction
  17. Meri Dil ki Chahat
  18. 26 January
  19. Ghapa Ghap
  20. Yeh Ishq ka Nazrana
  21. Generation Gap
  22. Le de ke bol
  23. The choice
  24. Dance Bar
  25. Bribe
  26. Kasak
  27. Cat Lady
  28. Bashudi
  29. Innocent
  30. Lovely Massage Parlour
  31. Flat 69
  32. Sauda
  33. Mom and Daughter
  34. Ashuddhi
  35. Mona Home delivery
  36. Julie
  37. Kirdaar
  38. Palang Tod
  39. Possessed Love
  40. Call Center
  41. Ganika
  42. Halala
  43. Smartphone
  44. The Host
  45. Intercourse
  46. Breast Tax
  47. Size matters
  48. Black Coffee
  49. Caught
  50. Bambai 4X4
  51. Ishq Kills
  52. Shubhratri
  53. Singardaan
  54. Virgin Boys
  55. Assi nabbe poore sau
  56. Right or Wrong
  57. Panchali
  58. Gandu
  59. Anniversary Surprise
  60. Paro
  61. Khunnas
  62. Dunali
  63. Slip
  64. Saali Aadhi Gharwali
  65. Palagtod – Gaon ki Garmi
  66. Charmsukh – Sex Education
  67. Helpless
  68. Paper

Here we have mentioned all the web series you can watch and will enjoy watching with a ULLU subscription. If you want to watch these web series for free, I have already written a Detailed Post to watch the ULLU web series for free. Check that post out to understand the actual process of watching these web shows without spending a single rupee.

How to watch the ULLU web series?

ULLU Original Web Series: You can watch the ULLU web series on the ULLU app by just purchasing a very affordable premium subscription to ULLU App. You can purchase the premium subscription starting from just Rs. 36. Yes, you got that right. ULLU web series is very cheap but not at the Value of their content. ULLU has this cheap pricing so that everyone could enjoy watching their favorite shows without spending a huge amount like Netflix or Disney + Hotstar.

You can purchase the subscription for 7 days just by paying 36 rupees and enjoys watching any web series available on the ULLU app.

ULLU is now one of the most Popular OTTs in India and providing a huge number of web series for such a low price and this represents that how much ULLU cares about its Audience. Not everyone could afford Netflix and Hotstar subscriptions but everyone could afford the ULLU subscription for sure.

How to watch the ULLU Web series for free?

If you want to watch the ULLU web series for free you need to read this article on How to watch the Ullu web series for free. We have discussed all the steps to watch the ULLU web series for free.

FAQs About ULLU Web series List

What are the best ULLU Web series to watch in 2021?

There is a huge list of web series you may want to watch on ULLU Original. Here in this post, we have mentioned to 60 ULLU Original Web series List.

Where can I Watch the ULLU Original web series?

You can watch all the Ullu original web series on the official ULLU app by subscribing to any of the plans available.

Can I watch the ULLU Web series for free?

Yes, You can watch some of the web series for free. You need to follow the steps mentioned in the article.

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