YouTube CEO Twitted about Bhuvan Bam’s Dhindora – Fake or Real?

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YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki tweeted about the latest web series on YouTube by Bhuvan Bam, Dhindora. The First episode of Dhindora was Premiered on Oct 14, 2021, and it got more than 31M views.

A screenshot of a tweet of Susan is going viral on the internet. Bhuvan Bam Fans are sharing it with a buzz, but some comment that it is generated with photoshop or any fake tweet generator.

The Question they are asking on social media is very useless in itself. Bhuvan Bam has been one of the most honored YouTube Creators since Jun 20, 2015, and has earned more than 22.1M subscribers on his channel, BB ki Vines.

Here is the Reality, the tweet getting so much attention on Social media is verifiable in just a few clicks. You can visit the profile of Susan Wojcicki, and you will see the tweet about Bhuvan on her Profile. But I have already done that for you. Here is the tweeter attached below.

Susan retweeted a tweet by YouTubeIN saying, ” somewhere between BB Ki Vines and #Dhindora, we grew attached to all these characters. I can’t wait”. She quoted the tweet with the caption, ” Very excited to watch the new web series #Dhindora from
@Bhuvan_Bam, check out the trailer below!”

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