After Liam Payne's Claim 1D Was Built Around Him, X Factor Releases Unseen

24 JULY, 2022

By Monu Jha

Everyone knows that the five members of the juggernaut group were put together on the 2010 edition of "The X Factor" in the UK,

what to do with all the contestants they had and deciding which of them should move forward and which of them to cut.

This was the first season that they'd made the surprise decision to combine solo contestants into a group right there on the show.

When he was 14, Liam auditioned for the show's fifth season, but was told by SImon that he didn't feel the young singer was ready yet.

Liam said that he'd promised to "make this work for you," referring to the show. Immediately, though, 1D fans were skeptical of the claim, at best.

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