Anne Heche Costar Pushes Back at 'Crazy' Label Given to Late Actress

15 AUGUST, 2022

By Monu Jha

Both Emily Bergl and Anne Heche's ex-husband James Tupper have pushed back at the "crazy" label "placed upon" the late actress.

The two both costarred with Heche on ABC's "Men In Trees," which ran for two seasons from 2006-2008.

TV show Men in Trees, and this line of questioning was usually the first out of people's mouths," she wrote.

Anne was not only a genius, but one of the most astoundingly focused and prepared actors I've ever worked with.

It's no wonder Anne titled her brilliant memoir 'Call Me Crazy,' she beat everyone to the punch

She was talking about mental health before it was acceptable to talk about those struggles," Bergl continued.

She was raped by her father, her brother killed himself, and her mother told her she would burn in Hell for loving a woman.

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