Jo Koy Talks 'Next Chapter' With Chelsea Handler After Break Up

3 AUGUST, 2022

By Monu Jha

Entertainment Tonight on the red carpet for his new movie "Easter Sunday" and revealed where the former couple stand.

We're great friends and that's how it will always be," Koy revealed. "I'll always champion for her and she'll always champion for me.

The comedian noted that their renewed status of friendship felt "great." He explained, "It's always been that way, so it's the next chapter."

After their split last month, Koy claimed that "the love is still there," while speaking to TMZ about how they were coping with calling it quits.

We're taking a break," he said. "We're great friends, we've always been great friends. The love is still there.

Although he refrained from revealing who had initiated the break up, Koy revealed that the exes were still in touch.

Handler first revealed how the two had transformed their friendship into something romantic during an episode of her podcast.

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