Megan Hilty Breaks Silence After Tragic Loss of Sister's Family,

8 SEP, 2022

By Monu Jha

As Megan Hilty and her family have been dealing with the unimaginable over the past few days.

in particular, she felt the need to address how some media outlets have been reporting the tragedy. On Sunday afternoon.

her pregnant sister, brother-in-law and their young child were aboard a small float plane that crashed into Puget Sound off the coast of Whidbey Island.

The last thing I wanted to do was acknowledge this painful family tragedy publicly.

but it’s come to my attention that several news outlets have misgendered my sweet nephew and some haven’t even mentioned baby Luca.

As Hilty explained, her sister Lauren was eight months pregnant with a baby boy she and her husband Ross Mickel had decided to name Luca.

Ross was also on the plane, as was their baby Remy. They are survived by a daughter.

Lauren and Ross left behind my niece who we are all holding in our hearts," wrote Hilty. "Thankfully,