Scarlett Johansson Reveals Colin Jost's Mother Wasn't a Fan of Their Baby's Name

27 SEP, 2022

By Monu Jha

The "Black Widow" star joked that her husband Colin Jost's mother was not a huge fan of their decision to name their son Cosmo after she tried to suggest different names for the newborn.

While appearing on "The Kelly Clarkson Show," Johansson explained that her mother-in-law had a "harder time" with the baby's moniker while revealing the inspiration for the decision.

"We threw a bunch of letters together," she joked before elaborating

"I just thought it was charming and then our friends all liked it and then Colin's mom had a little bit of a harder time with it."

"She was like it just seems kind of…" the 37-year-old gestured with her hands.

Host Kelly Clarkson disagreed with Jost's mother and gushed about Cosmo's name.

"I love that though, because your daughter is Rose," the former "Voice" coach referred to Johansson's daughter from her previous marriage.

"I love that they’re both flowers! My kids hate plants and how much I love them… but I love flowers and plants and I thought that was kind of cool!"