When a widower is forced into early retirement, he sets about finding another occupation. He meets a widowed boutique owner, and the two start to form a relationship.

Rishi Kapoor is the heart of the film. Giving another shade to a father after his brilliant performances in Kapoor & Sons and Mulk, he brings his charm and the cute arrogance to the table.

Every scene where he is happy lights up the screen, his sadness sinks our heart. He not just becomes the father but the mother to his kids too.

Paresh Rawal fills the void left by the late superstar. The makers make a wise decision to blend the two actors together from the very beginning and not divide the screen space in half-half.

Rawal also makes sure he stays close to the character Kapoor created and play it with conviction. But what lacks on Paresh’s department is the cuteness. It was Rishi Kapoor’s exclusive quality and that was bound to happen.

Juhi Chawla’s screen presence is one of the most positive things in Bollywood over the years and it continues to be. She flashes her million-dollar smile and that’s enough for the part she gets. Suhail Nayyar plays the elder son and does it with conviction.

He has a task to perform alongside two of the most seasoned actors in the industry and he understands that. The actor is growing and I would love to see what he does next. Taaruk Raina gets to play the younger one and it is fun to watch him too.

Sheeba Chaddha as I said has all my heart. The actor takes effort to not make the South Delhi aunty character anymore caricaturised. Her dialogues are hilarious and timed correctly.

Hitesh Bhatia’s direction is powerful and quite nicely managed. A film like this has the highest chances of becoming chaotic and he handles it well. Considering this is his first feature film, the filmmaker does an impressive job.

Choosing Sneha Khanwalkar to handle music for this film is such a fresh and out-of-the-box choice. Sneha does an amazing job and with the very opening of the movie, you can witness the newness in the way the music is created for this genre in particular.

It heralds the end of an era in Indian film and, maybe, the start of many positive things. With a lot of heart, love, and desire, watch Sharmaji Namkeen on Amazon Prime Video as soon as possible!

What’s Good:  Rishi Kapoor reminds us that his charm and cute arrogance are precious and unique. Hitesh Bhatia’s world-building and Juhi Chawla’s pleasant screen presence.

What’s Bad: The reminder that this is the last time we are watching a fresh Rishi Kapoor performance in this lifetime.

Watch or Not?: Please do. It is a slice-of-life family entertainer and one that is highly relatable.

Sharmaji Namkeen box office collection: In first week, Sharmaji Namkeen could have easily collected around 16 to 18 crores nett. In its lifetime run, Sharmaji Namkeen film would have earned around 26 to 28 crores nett.

Imdb: 8.1 Director: Hitesh Bhatia Writers: Hitesh Bhatia, Supratik Sen

Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Juhi Chawla, Isha Talwar, Sheeba Chaddha, Madhu Anand Chandhock

Where to watch: Amazon prime video Release date: 31 March 2022