Sophia Grace Hits Back at Fan Assumptions About Plastic Surgery

30 JULY, 2022

By Monu Jha

On Friday, the 19-year-old internet personality posted a new video to her YouTube channel, in which she addressed a small handful..

At one point in the 13-minute video, Sophia Grace shut down the assumption that she's had plastic surgery or cosmetic treatments, such as lip fillers.

"So someone said, 'At first, when I saw you on social media, I thought you had plastic surgery, do you?

"The main comment that people think the main surgery people think I've had is my lips done," Sophia Grace added.

"I mean, I really don't think my lips look that big. Maybe I haven't underlined them as much as I usually do today.

While she noted that she can't say whether or not she would possibly get plastic surgery in the future, she said she doesn't want or need it, at least not right now.

The young star went on to add that possibly the way she does her makeup could make people assume that she's had work done.

In her video, Sophia Grace said she gets asked about Rosie often, noting that there were "so many" questions and assumptions.

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