The 5 Best TV Character Exits (and the 5 Worst)

Best Character Exits

Matt Casey

Jesse Spencer has been the lead of Chicago Fire for ten seasons, and when the actor decided it was time to move on, the writers gave him a thoughtful exit storyline, which left room for his return if he ever decided he wanted it.

Nic Nevins

Emily VanCamp has recently parted ways with the show she's been starring on - The Resident.

Nic Nevins

Emmy Rossum left the beloved comedy Shameless at the end of season 9. Fans have loved this tough and brave character, who did everything in her power to look after her family, even though she inevitably ended up messing up now and then.

Lexie Grey

Grey's Anatomy has had many exits, but few were handled as tactfully as Lexie's. Chyler Leigh worked side by side with the creator of the show Shonda Rhimes to work out a storyline that would work for her character.

Derek Morgan

Criminal Minds had bad export management, but not so much for Derek Morgan. In an interview with E! News, Shemar Moore shared that he stayed on the show long enough because he felt he owed the character a fitting farewell, and the writers honored that with a very heroic departure.

Worst Character Exits

Elliot Stabler

Being a lead of SVU for 12 seasons, fans were left disappointed when it was time to say goodbye to detective Elliot Stabler. The loss came unexpected and the character did not receive any proper send-off, simply mentioned having retired in the next season premiere.

Mina Okafor

Mina was one of the most beloved characters in The Resident, and while the writers gave Emily VanCamp a wonderful exit, the same cannot be said for Dr. Okafor.

Elena Gilbert

Elena Gilbert was a very controversial part of The Vampire Diaries because fans either loved her or hated her, and there was no middle ground.

Alex Karev

Most fans would agree though, that the worst one was given to Alex Karev. He was the character with the most character development through the seasons.

Erin Lindsay

Many fans would agree that Chicago PD was never the same after Erin Lindsay left Chicago, but it was how she left that had fans reeling in anger. It was no secret that there were some problems on the set of Chicago PD, but Sophia Bush's exit completely blindsided everyone.

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