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Top 20 Horror Movies on Netflix in October 2020

The Silence of the Lambs

IMDb:-8.6 Duration:-118 min Year:-1991 Genre:-Crime, Drama, Thriller

Train to Busan

IMDb:-7.6 Duration:-118 min Year:-2016 Genre:-Action, Horror, Thriller

Pan's Labyrinth

IMDb:-8.2 Duration:-118 min Year:-2006 Genre:-Drama, Fantasy, War

Bird Box

IMDb:-6.6 Duration:-124 min Year:-2018 Genre:-Horror, Sci-Fi

The Evil Dead

IMDb:-7.4 Duration:-85 min Year:-1981 Genre:-Horror

The Platform

IMDb:-7.4 Duration:-94 min Year:-2019 Genre:-Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Red Dragon

IMDb:-7.2 Duration:-124 min Year:-2002 Genre:-Crime, Drama, Thriller


IMDb:-4.8 Duration:-89 min Year:-1997 Genre:-Action, Adventure, Horror


IMDb:-6.8 Duration:-110 min Year:-2012 Genre:-Horror, Mystery, Thriller

The Boy

IMDb:-6.0 Duration:-97 min Year:-2016 Genre:-Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Gerald's Game

IMDb:-6.5 Duration:-103 min Year:-2017 Genre:-Drama, Horror, Thriller

The Guest

IMDb:-6.7 Duration:-100 min Year:-2014 Genre:-Action, Mystery, Thriller


IMDb:-7.3 Duration:-114 min Year:-1982 Genre:-Horror, Thriller


IMDb:-6.6 Duration:-82 min Year:-2016 Genre:-Horror, Thriller

The Ritual

IMDb:-6.3 Duration:-94 min Year:-2017 Genre:-Horror,Mystery,              Thriller

House of 1000 Corpses

IMDb:-6.0 Duration:-89 min Year:-2003 Genre:-Horror


IMDb:-5.8 Duration:-104 min Year:-2009 Genre:-Horror, Sci-Fi

Green Room

IMDb:-7.0 Duration:-95 min Year:-2015 Genre:-Horror, Music, Thriller

Sleepy Hollow

IMDb:-7.3 Duration:-105 min Year:-1999 Genre:-Fantasy, Horror, Myster


IMDb:-6.2 Duration:-102 min Year:-2017 Genre:-Crime, Drama, Horror


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